All-New Kindle Wifi ereader, 6″ Glare-Free Touchscreen Display

Rs. 5,999.00

All-New Touchscreen display-no screen glare, even in bright sunlight
Faster page turns with 25% faster processor
Twice the storage

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Product Description

Kindle is our most affordable e-reader—now with a touchscreen display, exclusive Kindle features, twice the storage, and more.

Designed for readers

Kindle is purpose-built for reading. Indulge your love of reading without interruptions like email alerts and push notifications. The weeks-long battery life allows you to read for weeks on a single charge. Kindle uses actual ink particles and proprietary, hand-built fonts to create crisp text similar to what you see in a physical book. Kindle is lighter than most paperback books, making it easy and comfortable to hold in one hand for extended periods of time.
Note: Built-in light is available only on Kindle Paperwhite and not on All-New Kindle ereader model. 

Easy on the eyes

Every time your eyes switch from a bright screen to a dimmer, ambient room, your eyes have to adjust, which may result in fatigue. With Kindle, the page is the same brightness as everything else in the room, so there’s no adjustment needed. Choose from eight text sizes to prevent tired eyes and keep you reading longer.

Flip through without losing your place

With Page Flip, you can skim page-by-page, scan by chapter, or skip to the end for a sneak peek without losing your place.

Take and share notes

Add margin notes that you can edit, delete, or even export from your device to your computer. Share highlighted sections and meaningful quotes on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads, and see passages frequently highlighted by other Kindle readers.

Go beyond a book with the following features (coming soon)

Enhanced search

It’s even easier to find what you are looking for by combining and previewing results from your Library, Goodreads, and the Kindle Store on the same page.

Family Library

Family Library links your Amazon account to that of your spouse or partner. For the first time, you and your family can access and easily share not only your own Kindle books, but also books from the Amazon account of a spouse or partner.

Word Wise

Word Wise, available on many popular English language titles, makes it easier to enjoy and quickly understand more challenging books. Short and simple definitions automatically appear above difficult words, so you can keep reading with fewer interruptions. Tap on a word to bring up a simple card with definitions, synonyms, and more. You can adjust the number of hints you see with a simple slider.

Expanded X-Ray

X-Ray’s new timeline view lets you easily flip through notable passages to remind yourself of what’s happened in the book, or navigate easily through images. X-Ray lets you explore the “Bones of the Book.” See all the passages across a book that mention relevant ideas, fictional characters, historical figures, places, or topics of interest.

About the Book

With About the Book, see information about the book as you start to read, including its place in a series and author information, plus mark it as “Currently Reading” on Goodreads.

Try Kindle for 15 Days or Return it

Love to read? We believe Kindle is the best device for reading. But instead of simply telling you all about it, we would like you to experience it yourself, risk-free for 15 days. To claim your 15 day Money Back Guarantee, use KNDLTRY1 coupon during checkout to activate your trail. All Kindle e-readers All-New Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite 3G and Kindle Paperwhite Wifi purchased on from 11th February, 2015 to 15th March, 2015 would be eligible for 15-days money back guarantee. If you do not like it then you may return it to us within 15 days using standard return process.

All-New Touchscreen display-no screen glare, even in bright sunlight
Faster page turns with 25% faster processor
Twice the storage

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