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Ooty Flower Show 2011

The first Ooty Flower Show was uniting among the year 1896 by the Chairman of Agri-Horticultural Society, Mr.J.H.Tremenhere, the Nilgiris , then the Collector of The Nilgiris district. the govt has appropriated the Ooty flower show from the Nilgiris Agri-horticultural society in 1980 by forming a committee referred to as the Nilgiris Flower show and Fruits Show Committee. The Ooty flower show attracts regarding 100 and a pair of, 50,000 tourists annually from everyplace the world.

Ooty Flower Show Organize

The Ooty flower show is organize for two days. The inauguration of the Ooty flower show is sustained the first day and on the second day, prizes unit of measurement distributed to winners of various competitions management in respect to Ooty flower show. regarding 250 exhibitors, take part many categories on the day of Ooty flower show. several government departments and supposed agencies put together show their activities for the benefits of the flower lovers and tourists.

Indian and Japanese Flower Planning

More than fifty sorts of potted plants, 100 and fifty sorts of cut flowers, varied sorts of wet and temperate vegetables and tropical and temperate fruits unit of measurement exhibited by the competitors. The Floral decoration, Indian and Japanese flower coming up with, Vegetable sculpture, Flower Rangoli, tree tree etc., unit of measurement the key attractions throughout the show days. The exclusive cut flower stalls from huge personal associate degreed public gardens square measure AN attraction throughout the show days. ilx rolling cups, 250 cups and cash prizes unit of measurement awarded to the best competitors and exhibitors. Ooty Flower show 2015