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Horse Race Course Ooty

Horse Race Course Ooty

Ooty Race Course, one of the top race courses in India, is located in the Blue Mountain of the Ooty. Horse racing is commonly held during the summer season runs from middle of April, May and June.

Horse racing, a major liveliness of the yearly summer tourist season in this Udagamandalam, will get in progress at the course is perfectly placed and extensive over 55 acres in the center of the Ooty town.

While the number of persons patronizing horse races here has come down noticeably, the sight of horses rapidly in the high altitude race course continues to be a exclusive sightseer attraction.

Whereas the number of horses in Ooty was 500, 15 trainers and about 40 jockeys are predictable to compete for the honours. It will match with the Annual flower festival, the main impressive of the tourist season here.

It is unsafe to the surroundings and also affected the people particularly those with relating to problems.